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Posted on October 5, 2011


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Mr. Ross Johnstone
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October 5, 2011

Dear Mr. Johnstone –

I sent you an e-mail on August 30, 2011 and have yet to receive a response. I write again in the hope that you will clarify and answer my first query as set out in questions 1 and 20, and these additional ones.

1. Please confirm the date you sent the Out In Schools (“OIS”) Resource Guide to the “Ministry of Education for approval.”

2. Nancy Walt, for the Ministry of Education, has stated in writing that the Ministry of Education has not received any form of request from OIS for approval status. How can this be? Is Ms. Walt, or someone else, lying?

3. Please explain why you have removed from the OIS website the assertion about the OIS Resource having been submitted for Ministry approval? When was it removed and why?

4. Have you falsely asserted to sponsors and/or funders that this resource had in fact been sent for approval to the Ministry of Education?

5. I want to thank you for removing the OIS link to the HIM website checkhimout.ca; it was not an appropriate “Youth Resource”. However, I am curious as to when you removed that link from the OIS website. I have a screen print of the site as of August 30, 2011, when it was still linked. I also know that one of RoadKill Radio’s reporters contacted the Vancouver School Board around that time, and of course I also wrote to you on that date. Please confirm the link removal date—and why you removed it.

6. How do you propose to remediate the malign effect of the recommended reference to the H.I.M. web-site in the extant copies of the OIS Teachers’ Guide already in use?

7. Now, you haven’t been quite honest with the media about your promotion of the H.I.M. organization — promotion that was not limited to just the reference to the youth resource link, but also included H.I.M.’s very visible participation at the party to which you invited students. I am familiar with the H.I.M. organization, and its graphically pornographic promotional material distributed and displayed in large poster form at public venues like the Pride Parade and the “Fierce and Fabulous” party held August 12th.

As you are aware, students from various public schools attended this party for the “under 25” crowd—students you invited to attend through the PSA contest you promoted in schools as part of the OIS program. You also attended. I have a few questions concerning this event:

a) Mr. Johnstone, if the link to the H.I.M. site is inappropriate, then certainly the H.I.M. promotional material is also inappropriate. Who is responsible for inviting H.I.M. to set up a large, graphic homosexual porn display at this student/youth event held on August 12, 2011 in conjunction with the Queer Film Festival?

b) Why did you allow the display?

c) Do you think it is appropriate for students?

d) Did you advise parents that their children would be exposed to graphic homosexual pornography?

e) Did you advise the various Boards of School Trustees that students would be exposed to graphic pornography?

f) Did you advise sponsors and funders of OIS that students would be exposed to graphic pornography?

g) Does Out In Schools agree with H.I.M.’s risky and promiscuous philosophy of “fuck and suck whomever you choose to, as long as you keep getting tested” (courtesy of BC taxpayers)?

h) Exactly how does the H.I.M. display combat homophobia and/or reduce bullying?

i) Do you have any research to support the idea that exposing youth to graphic homosexual porn will reduce bullying in schools? If so, how can we access it?

8. At this same “youth event” there was a game available for play by the students, called “Lesbian Debauchery.” According to its creators’ description, the game is a “silly, dirty drinking game.” I have a few questions about this game:

a) Did you advise parents that their children would have the dubious “privilege” of being a test group for this game?

b) How does this game combat homophobia and/or reduce bullying in the schools?

c) Do you have any research to support the idea that youths’ participation in this game will reduce homophobia, hate or bullying? If so, how can we access it?

d) If parents want to view this game, where can they “spin the tongue” and experience the “dirty, silly” thrills for themselves? Or better yet, where can they buy the game for future family “anti-bullying” fun?

9. Another activity available for youth participation at this same party was a puzzle that introduces students to the “Queeriodic Table.” I have a few questions about this educational innovation:

a) What credible educational authorities have reviewed and recommended this “game”?

b) How does learning the following definitions (and so many more!) combat bullying in the schools?

087 Ri—Rimming: There is power in parting the butt cheeks and plunging one’s tongue into the asshole. And for the recipient? Delightful.

023 Tp – Top: (Noun) In a same-sex sex context, the person who does the penetrating is usually referred to as the top while the person who is penetrated is referred to as the bottom. In a BDSM context, the person who is in control or directs a scene.

002 K – Kinky: Adjective describing sexual practices that are outside of the mainstream. This includes, but is not limited to bondage, spanking, age play, dominance and submission, and many paraphilias (such as sadomasochism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, klismaphilia, urophilia, etc). People who are kinky may refer to themselves as perverts. Antonym: vanilla.

004 Bp – Butt Pirate: A plunderer of the anal seas; a knave who enjoys their tight hole being plundered. Aye, Captain, I’ll be your pegboy. Board me broadside and drop yer hard anchor aft. Booty? Pirate’s treasure indeed.

088 Fb – Fuck Buddy: Sometimes you just need a fuck buddy. No strings. No hassle. No drama. Just a good fun romp. Hook up. Get off. Go home. Lovely.

072 G – Gay: Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Gay. That’s so gay. We’re having a gay old time. The gays are taking over the world! Gay.

10. I have reviewed the recent posting for a new OIS facilitator, found on the Out On Screen site, and I don’t see any requirement for a criminal record check required. Did you and other facilitators get one prior to going into schools?

11. I have reviewed the OIS Advisory Group and don’t see any child psychologists or child development experts listed; did OIS consult with any? If so, with whom?

12. Mr. Johnstone, you are quoted in an on-line publication as saying how you would measure the success of the OIS program. I would have expected you to identify a reduction in bullying incidents and name-calling as the principal criterion; after all, this is the stated, marketed goal of OIS! Instead, you confirmed the true goal of this political propaganda program; you state: “Out in Schools measures our impact by the visibility of queer resources and issues at schools. We want teachers to include historically significant LGBT events in their curriculum.” Mr. Johnstone, this is political. Can you tell me how papering the schools with political propaganda will reduce bullying?

13. Mr. Johnstone, you allude to historically significant LGBT events… I found an OIS page promoting an event—“The Queer Nineties”—that is grossly deficient. You also promote a teacher by the name of James Chamberlain, and his victory at the high court; but you fail to mention the Human Rights Case in which he was a complainant. Are you aware that during the course of his cross-examination, he was caught lying to the Tribunal? He admitted under oath that he had lied to the media; he admitted to numerous instances of unprofessional conduct… so damning was his testimony that the gaggle of sex activists who had made the complaint, withdrew. It is interesting to note that one of your “advisors”, Debra Sutherland, was also a complainant in the same case. Do you believe homosexist activist and teacher James Chamberlain is a good role model?

14. Another important event would have been gay NDP activist Murray Belida (NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert’s financial officer), defaming his political opponents on CBC. CBC had to pay, and both had to apologize for lying. The list of important LGBT exclusions is long. Don’t you think students should have a factual record to study, rather than the one-sided propaganda you present?

15. Mr. Johnstone, you state in an article written for Burnaby Now that the videos Culture Guard made were taken down, albeit temporarily, because of concerns about hate. I recall Svend Robinson asserting that an event involving an egg thrown at the door of his constituency was an act of hate. The term “hate” is used so loosely these days! Please tell me why you think that these videos—a factual account of events involving OIS—are hateful.

16. Do you agree with the sex activists’ attempts to ban and/or censor the Culture Guard videos from YouTube? Why? Shouldn’t the public have access to both sides of any issue?

17. Do you believe that parents, funders and other citizens have a right to know what you are exposing students to?

18. Why was Romi Chandra-Herbert’s name as the author of your resource guide removed from your website? When was this done? Who requested it? Is it also being removed from the resource guide itself?

19. Did Romi Chandra-Herbert’s relationship with MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert play any role whatsoever in promoting the sale of your resource guide to any school board? Or removing his name from your website?

20. Did MLA Spencer Chandra-Herbert endorse the resource guide?

21. Since you describe your program as being designed for Grade 10, what made it appropriate for the younger children at A.L. Mathers School in Sandspit? An invitation notwithstanding, shouldn’t you have just said “No”?

22. Did OIS receive any funding directly from any Provincial or Federal government office, agency or ministry? Or was it funneled through the Out On Screen Society?

23. Steve Mulligan is a Director for the Out On Screen Society, and is also employed by the Vancouver School Board; do you see this as a conflict of interest? How much money has the Vancouver School Board provided to OIS or the Out On Screen Society?

24. Smokers and drinkers pay a “sin” tax for indulging in activities known to cause harm to individuals and to burden our health care system with costs associated with diseases and illnesses that are 100% preventable. ICBC charges higher rates for those proved to engage is risky behaviours; the list of examples is long. Considering the billions of tax dollars now associated with health care involving homosexual and other promiscuous sex practices in Canada, and the related diseases that result, do you believe that sex activists and other identifiable groups that engage in risky sexual behaviours have a civil responsibility to contribute more financially to our social services, to offset the medical and social costs associated with their sexual proclivities?

25. Do you support or denounce the six gay activists currently demanding—through their Human Rights Complaint—more money from taxpayers to fund medical problems that directly result from their sexual practices? I ask this because you are imposing your political and moral beliefs onto students; and I believe taxpayers have a right to know what those beliefs are.

26. In one of your video presentations to students, you extol the words of the late Prime Minister Trudeau. The infamous quote I refer to is the sex activists’ mantra— “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Trudeau went on to say—which you fail to inform the students of—“What’s done in private between adults doesn’t concern the Criminal Code.” Trudeau was wrong, as many academic authorities (e.g., Prof. Douglas Farrow) have pointed out; but you fail to mention that in your presentations. Why? Do you not believe students should be aware that individuals can even be charged with murder for failing to advise sexual partners about their HIV status prior to having sex?

27. You also fail to mention that Trudeau went on to say, referring to homosexuality, that: “When it becomes public, this is a different matter, or when it relates to minors, this is a different matter.” Would you support Trudeau’s assertions, and support a police crackdown on men having sex in public parks? Or, how about the Rubbout Recon Dark Party and other/or activities featured at the PumpJack Pub and other places? Or how about exposing students to gay porn?

28. In 1967, the world was a very different place; HIV and AIDS had yet to start their murderous spree; other sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia and HPV were unknown; Trudeau’s platitude was both simplistic and short-sighted. And I find your reliance on it somewhat delusional at best, in face of the evidence.

Trudeau had no idea at the time how Canada’s social services would be adversely affected by the costly crisis associated with sexually transmitted diseases and their related illnesses—costs that have included millions of human lives. The students you address are future taxpayers— taxpayers who are already, unbeknownst to them, encumbered with a huge tax burden; a burden that, in large part, has been brought to bear by men having sex with other men, and all the resultant government-funded services and agencies that have been created around the HIV/AIDS and STD industries. I have seen a number of your presentations, and can’t recall you ever addressing these facts. Where in your presentations do you discuss this reality?

29. Would you view any of these statements as being hateful? If government has no place in the nation’s bedrooms, likewise bedroom behaviour has no place in our government’s coffers! How about: “Grab a bedpost, not my tax dollars!” or “Just zip it, I don’t want to pay for your sexually transmitted disease” how about “I didn’t ask so don’t tell”?

30. I am curious; I know a bit about raising kids and believe that they should have all the facts. As a quasi-educator, Mr. Johnstone, how would you inform students about the billions of dollars in taxpayer costs associated with homosexual sex and other sexual promiscuity in Canada, without generating negative stereo-typing? Should hardworking students embrace sexual diversity without question—and pay more in taxes to demonstrate their affirmation of those who indulge in risky sexual practices?

31. Would you view a student who asserts a position, in school or class, that individuals who engage in risky sex are “irresponsible citizens”, as being hateful? Or just truthful?

32. Mr. Johnstone, what are your credentials? Do you have any formal training in education, health, child development, or psychology?

33. Jen “jenderfuck” Sung is another OIS facilitator; what are the credentials that make her an appropriate candidate for school presentations involving topics that experts acknowledge as being extremely sensitive? Is she a teacher… a psychologist? Has she raised children?

34. Are “channeling creativity through her blue hair” and being a fan of out-dated radical feminism and dubious university trends like queer studies qualifying criteria for “educating” children?

35. What research do you have available to support that you are truly reducing bullying or are you simply facilitating a socio-sexual political experiment?

36. Ms. Sung appeared as a guest on CKNW on September 12, 2011. During the course of her interview with Bill Good she made the following claim:

First of all, thank you for your — ahhh — your comment; and — ahhh — how I would respond: certainly, I don’t think I’m going into schools with a ‘gay agenda’ and promoting this — ahhh, ahhh — quote and unquote — “lifestyle”; ha-ha — ummm — but — ahhhh — if I may paint a picture of what — ahhh— of what a presentation will look like: — umm — when I go into schools, often times I’m reaching — ahhh — it’s usually in front of a, a large auditorium — ummm — and I’m reaching out to, sometimes, a thousand students at once.

I suspect you are well aware that numbers associated with the sex activist community are typically inflated; so I believe it behooves me to ask: what school did Ms. Sung present in, that she reached out to a “thousand students at once”?

37. XTRA! West and other like publications continually promulgate words that you righteously oppose being used in schools. Words like “faggot”, “dyke”, “homo”, “queer”, “fairy”, etc. Would you—as someone who works to eradicate these harmful words from schools—also work to eradicate these same words from publications like XTRA!?

38. Would you endorse the removal of XTRA! from public libraries, bus depots and other public placements, until such time as they cease publishing these hateful terms and all similar slurs from their pages and websites?

39. On February 14th of this year, two experts testifying before the Senate Justice Committee in Ottawa stated that pedophilia is a bona fide sexual orientation, just like homosexuality. On August 17, 2011 a symposium was held in Baltimore, Maryland by B4U-ACT, and was attended by researchers from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University and the universities of Illinois and Louisville; and by social workers and other agency workers, to become aware of the needs of “minor-attracted adults”—i.e., activists who advocate for “inter-generational sex”, a.k.a. pedophilia. When you speak, you encourage students to embrace sexual diversity by removing all boundaries; does that include those adults whose “sexual diversity” or “expression” includes being sexually attracted to minor children?

40. When you talk about embracing sexual diversity with students, and wanting them to be “allies”; does that include being “allies” to individuals who identify as being masochistic or sadomasochists? How about individuals who express their sexual diversity or “orientation” by dressing in dog costumes and participate in “pup play”?

41. Should students be permitted to wear rubber dog suits to school with artificial tails plugged into their anuses? Or how about those whose “orientation” includes bondage, rubberwear, or other “orientations”?

42. Should students be permitted to bring whips and other sexual paraphernalia—whatever is integral to their “sexual orientation”—to school? Would “you’re such a dog” or “go sniff my ass” be considered slurs?

43. Currently there is grade 12 male student in a Burnaby school who is dressing as a girl and using the girl’s washroom. Is this something you support? What type of washroom facility would you suggest a student use, who identifies as a “pup”? A tree?

44. In 2010 the BC Human Rights Tribunal issued a decision in a case of discrimination involving an individual who defined himself, and his religious belief, as being “Pagan”. He also stated that he had been discriminated against because of his sexual orientation, an orientation integral to his belief system, an orientation that included bondage, domination, sadomasochism…. One of the arguments made is that his “sexual orientation” was defined by his love of roughing-up, or “disciplining” women, being a “master” to his “slaves”… Would you support this individual’s expression of his “sexual orientation”, and support his right to be protected from “discrimination” based upon his sexual orientation? Would the term “woman beater” be considered a slur against this individual’s “sexual orientation?”

45. Since Culture Guard exposed your “anti-bullying” program, we have acquired an interesting—and growing—library full of Internet-based examples of hate, name-calling, bullying, and violent expression—including death threats—that are now being investigated by the Langley RCMP—from your “expose students to porn” supporters. What program do you have in place to teach sex activists and your supporters about respect, tolerance, truth and constructive (lawful) dialogue?

46. Mr. Johnstone, Drew Dennis, Executive Director for Out On Screen has not denied my factual assertions about your tactics of grooming and luring students. Further, you have not denied publicly that you in fact invited and exposed students to pornography and sexually charged games; the pictures we have surely make our exposure of OIS difficult to argue against. Regrettably, you portray yourselves as the voice of the GLBT+++ community; this is another deception. A more accurate representation is that you represent a minor group of sex activists and a few activist teachers. Do you believe that you owe an apology to the civil-minded members of the gay and lesbian +++ communities who don’t support your political sex agenda, or activities that involve sexualizing students?

47. Since your willingness to mislead parents, supporters and elected officials have rightly ignited anger and contempt, don’t you believe it would a responsible move on your part to distinguish yourselves from the broader GLBT+++ community so that public blame is not directed to those within the GLBT+++ community who oppose your antics? Should the entire GLBT+++ be tarred with the same brush of deception?

48. You have restructured your home page and now feature a selection of PSA films that raise additional alarm. I am a bit surprised that you would feature the PSA from Hastings Elementary. I believe the reality acknowledged with this posted comment, made in conjunction with this video, is shared by many:

My parents grew up in a communist country. A constant fear people had was of being reported for expressing a belief contrary to that endorsed by the state. The children in this video have adopted the tactic by which communists and other totalitarian governments restricted individual freedoms. That children would make such a mistake is unfortunate but understandable. That Out in Schools would reward this by giving this video first place is alarming. I fear the direction our country is taking.

Mr. Johnstone, do you really believe elementary students using a term endorsed and used by the gay community—“That’s so gay!”—is an example of homophobia? Additionally, it seems that you have instilled the message that children should be reporting other children to the “word police.”

Hitler, and other historically nefarious individuals, employed these same tactics with youth; does Out In Schools support the indoctrination of children by engaging these tactics? The last scene of this “anti-bullying” video is most disturbing, as it seems the young and impressionable students have gleaned the message from your program that it is ok to “bully” someone who holds a different view. This is well depicted in the scene when the “anti-homophobic police” and others begin to instill fear (bully) and chase (bully) the student who expressed her opinion. Is this an acceptable Out In Schools remedy?

In closing –

I trust that your answers will be of assistance, and I look forward to receiving them—hopefully in the very near future. I would also like to invite you to appear on RoadKill Radio for an interview, or anyone else from Out In Schools. Please confirm via reply e-mail if you are available on Tuesday, October 10, 2011 for a 40-minute (or so) chat about Out In Schools. If this date doesn’t work for you, please let me know what date and time does. I will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule.

Sincerely Yours,

Kari Simpson,
President Culture Guard & Co-Host RoadKillRadio.com
Email: CultureGuard@gmail.com

Copies to:
Drew Dennis, Executive Director Out On Screen Film and Video Society

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